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SCV Chinese School 中文学校

Empower Tomorrow's Creative Leaders, 培养明天富有创造力的领袖

WASC Full Accreditation, High School Districts Approved Credit Class

Honors and AP Credit Classes, K-12 Programs

UC A-G List approved for College Admission, Nonprofit & 501(c) Exempt

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     Weekday Programs &

       Weekend Programs 


  • K and Pre-K
  • Grades 1-12
  • High School Credit
  • Elective High School Credit
  • Elementary School

Weekend Classes Schedule


Session 1. Sunday, 1:15- 2:55 pm


Session 2. Sunday, 3:05- 4:40 pm

High School Credit Attend both Sessions


High School Chinese Honors and AP Credit Classes


Immersion Summer Camp

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Weekend Programs &

Weekday Programs

  • K and Pre-K
  • G1-12
  • High School Credit

Elective High School Credit

  • Einstein Charter
Elementary School
  • Einstein Charter


Chinese School Programs

Weekend Classes Schedule

Sunday, 1:15- 2:55 pm

Sunday, 3:05- 4:40 pm

School Year Programs

Weekday Programs

SCV Chinese School

Albert Einstein Academy Charter 7-9

Albert Einstein Academy Charter Elementary School





Elective Chinese for High School
Elective Chinese for Mid. School

Santa Clarita Valley Chinese School

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